Student Life

When you work hard in the classroom, as we do, it’s important to have opportunities to relax, socialize, and have fun away from academics. So we work hard at having fun. Life outside the classroom is relaxed and comfortable here. Seniors actually know and interact with the 7th graders, and it is common for students in different grades to socialize. Student life is enhanced by our daily All-School Meeting as we celebrate each other’s successes and are reminded that there is a play, concert, or game we can watch today.   

Our school day includes informal down time like the 5 minutes between classes, break, lunch, study hall, and, for those not involved in an afternoon activity, after school.  If we’re in need of refreshments at the end of the day, we can even walk off campus in the afternoon to get some food or drinks.

The school organizes all kinds of events for students, like 4 dances every year, an All-School Picnic, overnight class trips, and the Prom. All-school events hosted by the Student Council include our all-school sandcastle-building contest at Marconi Beach, Capture the Flag game in the spring, and a fundraising Gala. We are proud that our school challenges us academically and we love all the ways we can relax together when we aren’t working!