Falmouth Academy


Courage and conviction marked Declamation Day

Eighth grade at Falmouth Academy is referred to as the year of living deliberately. The event culminating this important time is Declamation Day, a rite of passage in which students pick a poem or speech, TEDtalk or radio script – a declarative passage that speaks to a personal passion—to perform for the school community. Last week, eighth graders took to the podium in Morse Hall to declaim.

Leading up to Declamation Day, students are given three weeks to write a paper analyzing the piece, then they memorize it and practice it in front of each other in preparation for presenting to an audience. The preparation is arduous, but on Declamation Day, just before the first speaker steps up to the podium, everyone sings “I’m a Little Teapot” to relieve the stress.

This year, 46 eighth graders spoke from the heart, by heart, on diverse topics. Student Maria Kelley spoke on women’s ability to play sports, Jack Marvel on Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society speech and Leah Littlefield declaimed an excerpt from Anne Frank’s diary.

Other examples included an appropriate discourse on stress by Becky Butler, who chose a TED talk on changing the body’s response to stress from hurtful to helpful. “When stress goes away, I feel confident and ready to take on anything.”

Ian Hinkle and Thomas Earley expertly maneuvered through Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on First” routine, proving that great friends can argue but still enjoy each other’s company.

Students win awards at State Science Fair at MIT

Eleven Falmouth Academy students were invited to the Massachusetts State Science fair at MIT this spring. This two-day event features the top young student scientists from across the state whose work is recognized for its innovation.

A number of students earned awards:

Theo Guerin won a second-place award, in addition to a full four-year scholarship to Wheaton College and the Charles Stark Draper Labs Award.

Brendan Smith earned second-place award, along with a scholarship to Wentworth Institute and the Harvard University Press Book Award.

Celia Petters was honored with a third-place award.

Sam Cox, Alex Gottlieb and Charlie Fenske earned honorable mentions for their work.

FA students who also presented at MIT were: Megan Flory, Sintra Reves-Sohn, Charlie Colt-Simonds, Greg Pickart and Alec Cobban.


Falmouth Academy dedicates Morse Hall to its longtime champion

Morse Hall honored its namesake, Susan Morse, at a reception attended by nearly 100 friends, family members and those close to Susan throughout Falmouth.

The new meeting hall, which was opened to the students and the community in January, was named for the longtime trustee and former chair of the board, whose two-decade service to the school has helped it to grow and expand in programming and public engagement.