Go Solar!


Falmouth Academy students gather for a camera crew commissioned by the Solar Energy Industries Association to make a series of short films promoting the use of solar energy.

Beaumont Solar Company of New Bedford has installed a 77 KW photovoltaic system with 333 panels on two of Falmouth Academy’s south-facing roofs. The system, which should provide up to one-third of FA’s electric power needs and long-term energy cost savings, will also give students access to its production data. “The system will be useful not only in our math and science classes and for our electric bill, but it is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to conservation and using alternative forms of energy for our students,” said headmaster David Faus. The film is part of a social media campaign entitled, “Welcome to the Solar Generation.” The camera crew will film solar energy installations across the country. Falmouth Academy was one of its first stops. In 2007 FA installed the first wind turbine in Falmouth. Each year, FA collects more than 2,000 lbs. of compost to feed its fields and gardens.