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Open House 2015

Welcome Grandparents and Special Friends!

Falmouth Academy always opens its doors to our students’ beloved family and friends. Today, however, is one of our favorite days to share with others. Grandparents and Special Friends Day allows guests to tour the school, attend a few classes with their students and enjoy a buffet lunch. The day kicks off with an introductory meeting in the gym, at which each student introduces their guests, offering the town in which they live and how many times they’ve attended this event. This year, we have guests from as close as Falmouth and as far as India. We’re grateful to share our school with them all today.

Falmouth Academy celebrates German Week

Students kicked off our annual German Week festivities on Monday, Oct. 5. Their first tribute in honor of German Reunification Day, Oct. 3, was the singing of Kein schöner Land (“No Country More Beautiful”), a traditional folk song. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany. German language teachers Dr. Petra Ehrenbrink and Mrs. Gundhild Eder sang along with the students and Dr. Ehrenbrink spoke briefly about her recollection of a separated Germany and the frightening experience of crossing the armed border crossing between the countries to visit her grandparents. Tributes range from the somber to the humorous, with students at All-School Meeting singing and even rapping, in German.  Pictured, above, is a performance of “Rock Me Amadeus,” a 1980s rock anthem that was chosen to highlight German-language music. The video of the performance is below.

German Week 2015 - Rock Me Amadeus from Falmouth Academy on Vimeo.

All-School Trip to Marconi

Every Falmouth Academy student, faculty and staff member invaded Marconi Beach for the school’s annual September sand sculpting competition. The winning pieces were the traveling gnome (1st), Rosie the Riveter on a $10 bill (2nd) and Yearning to be free (3rd). Nice work, everyone!

All-School Trip to Marconi 2015 from Falmouth Academy on Vimeo.

Ninth graders learn the art of tending at The Farm School

At The Farm School in Athol, MA, students experience a working farm by taking a hands-on role in keeping it running. Our ninth grade class shoveled dirt to line a new cow pen, mended a fence holding goats and tended to grapevines.

“It was a new experience for a lot of students and they dove right in,” said Mr. Henry Stevens, one of the trip’s chaperones.

The Farm School was opened in 1993 as a working farm designed for educational purposes and “to connect people to the land.”  School-age students bunk on-site and the program goes beyond the practical to cover important principles, including interacting with the world from a place of kindness and generosity and viewing situations from multiple perspectives.

See a photo album of Falmouth Academy’s stay at The Farm School on our Facebook page.

Romance, intrigue, human rights, history and politics are subjects of 4 new alumni books

Congratulations to three Falmouth Academy alumni who have published books recently.

Ted Melillo ’92 has written Strangers on Familiar Soil, available at Amazon. Ted is associate professor of history and environmental studies at Amherst College and coeditor of Eco-Cultural Networks in the British Empire: New Views on Environmental History.


Reserve a naming paver online!

The backscape behind Falmouth Academy’s Morse Hall is filling in nicely and most of the items have been sponsored. There are still many pavers available. You may reserve a naming paver online or download a postal order form.