Welcome to Falmouth Academy!

Welcome from Head of School Rob Wells from Falmouth Academy on Vimeo.

We offer students a superb education in a challenging yet nurturing environment, where high achievement is the result of close collaboration with dedicated teachers, small classes, and the expectation that every student can aspire to set high goals.

As an independent school we are not bound by outside curricula, yet our students excel in every measurement: test scores (SAT, AP, etc.), National Merit recognition, State Science Fair awards and college admissions. Consistently, Falmouth Academy students rank among the best.


Yet it is in those qualities that elude measurement that our students and our school truly shine. 

You can feel it in the sense of community that infuses everything that we do, whether it’s All-School Meeting – where a seventh grader’s first-ever announcement is met with enthusiastic, supportive applause – or the annual school trip the Cape Cod National Seashore, where teams of students from all grades, led by members of the senior class, engage in a spirited competition to build the most creative, innovative and thought-provoking sand sculptures. Falmouth Academy students are known as much for their kindness, their cultivation of community, their stewardship of the environment and their enthusiastic participation in all aspects of school life, as they are for their high achievement.

I invite you to learn more about Falmouth Academy, where students’ academic and personal growth are cultivated. Wander our website. Question our students and alumni. Speak to parents who have witnessed the confidence and intellectual curiosity we inspire in their children. Then contact the Admissions Office and arrange to pay a visit and have your child spend the day with us.

You’ll like what you learn.