Supply List

Falmouth Academy Supply List 2019-2020

All students should have the following supplies on the first day of school:

- A Planbook (provided by the school)
- A flash drive
- Pencils
 Blue and black pens
- Highlighters
- Loose-leaf lined filler paper
- A five-section accordion portfolio for homework
- 2” binders for notes and handouts for all classes for filing paperwork
- A set of 5-subject dividers for binders

In addition to the general supplies listed above:

- 9th grade G&ES students should have a drawing compass at home

- 10th through 12th grade students should have a TI 83 or TI 84 calculator

Personal devices/computers: Although many students choose to bring personal laptop computers to school, they are not required to do so. Students may use school devices in cases when in-class activities require access to online components. Though computer/internet access at home is expected, students may also use the school-owned devices in the library and computer lab during study halls or after school.

2019-20 Supply List