Student Life Traditions

We love our Class Trips because we get the chance to travel to nice places, spend extended time bonding with our grade, and of course getting away from school for a while.  Eighth graders take an overnight trip that features a hike up Mt. Monadnock. Ninth graders travel to the Farm School in Athol, MA where they actually do much of the work on the farm. Juniors take a four-day trip to New Hampshire where they do rock climbing, boating, team-building, and nightly campfires that can include some really questionable singing! On the last day, they again climb Mt. Monadnock, returning to encounter a challenge they first met in 8th grade but now as more mature, resilient beings! Senior show what they've learned by teaching a subject they are passionate about on Senior Teaching Day and then take time together affirming one another and bonding as a class at Peer Reference Day. Seventh graders explore area watersheds with their science teachers andthen create beautiful silkscreens of a watershed from around the world.

In January, the Student Council takes the lead as all of us help put on Gala, a fundraiser that supports a different charity every year. Throughout the school there are fun things to do for all ages--casino games, a silent auction, live music, a  swing dancing competition, and of course delicious food. Everyone dresses up and parents and siblings are always welcome.

We love our Dances because everyone in the school is welcome, from 7th graders through seniors. regular school dances are held in Morse Hall with our teachers as chaperones and we are welcome to bring a guest from outside the school. Prom is a special occasion affair with dinner and dancing held offsite and open to students in grades 10 through 12. 

For Marconi Beach Day, we form teams made up of a few students from every grade and a few teachers. Each team decides in advance on a creative design for a sand sculpture and then the entire school treks out to Marconi Beach in Eastham in lovely yellow buses. Three teachers judge the sculpture competition and the top three teams win awards at All-School Meeting.

For many of us, Capture the Flag might be the greatest day of the year. The entire school is divided into two teams—blue and white—and after classes on the last Friday before final exams we play a massive game of Capture the Flag that covers our whole 34 acre campus. We’ve been at this particular game for a long time so our rules are quite elaborate and include 5 flags for each team. Many years, the former league commissioner of Capture the Flag, retired teacher Mr. Conzett, returns to explain the rules. Some of us are very competitive and wind up with a few scratches or bumps from our forays in the woods, while others enjoy a more leisurely approach.

You might think that Spirit Week is a time to show your spirit for the school, but really it is a grade-by-grade competition in which we try to assert the clear superiority of our grade. Competitions include a theme days when each grade dresses according to a theme, Tug-of-War, Egg Toss, and a final performance called Artistic Expression that often includes skits or songs. Spirit Week is a great time to relax and wear that outfit that you couldn’t wear any other time.  

The Alumni Soccer Game takes place on the day after Thanksgiving when many of our younger alumni are home from college. Current boys and girls varsity players compete against the alumni and other students, teachers, parents cheer them on.

Like almost all of our traditions, the Falmouth Academy Science and Engineering Fair involves everyone in the school community. Every student (with the exception of seniors) is required to complete an independent research project in science, and on the third Thursday in February we showcase our work. After school we set up our boards in the gym and wait for our three judges who will speak with us one at a time  It can be a bit stressful explaining your work to professional scientist and engineers from the sciencific institutions in and around Woods Hole, but it is really rewarding to see the results of months of hard work. After the judging, students gather with their grade for a class dinner and then return to the gym to celebrate the winners at the awards ceremony.