Student Council

Student Council plays a big part in the running of the Falmouth Academy community. We monitor the moods of various grades within FA and that of the community as a whole. We try to help as much as possible when the rare challenge does arise. This group of seventeen students act as a sounding board for new ideas, activities and policies that the faculty and administration are curious about. As well as looking out for the mood and challenges of daily lives of Falmouth Academy kids, Student Council puts on a number of events, to raise money for charities and to elevate school morale in general. In the Fall, we are kept busy by a Back-to-School picnic, soccer tailgates, and the famous Marconi beach day. The winter is no break, with a blood drive to plan, a charity Gala to run, and a bingo night to organize. In the spring a very boisterous Spirit Week, along with spirited game of all-school capture the flag keeps morales high and the Student Council representatives bustling. Student Council feels that its job is to promote and tend to the culture of the school, ensuring that FA is a place of cooperation, imagination, kindness, trust, responsibility, wit, and energy.



The annual Falmouth Academy Gala is a formal event put on by Student Council in January and is open to the entire Falmouth Academy community. Families are invited for a night of games, raffles and dancing, with all proceeds going to charity. This year we will be donating to the Cambridge Cambodia School Project, an organization that provides bicycles to young female students to improve education accessibility in a rural area of Cambodia. Our theme this year is “Versailles,” so be ready to experience Falmouth Academy’s take on the famous French Château!

 Have questions? Read The Parents' Guide to Gala!