Senior Parent Gift for Professional Development

When Falmouth Academy moved from temporary quarters to our permanent home in 1989, parents generously supported the work of the school and our remarkable faculty by using their Annual Fund gifts to help complete the new campus. But as we became a well-established institution, our parents realized that they needed an equally well-established way to support the school and recognize our teachers. The Senior Parent Gift Fund for Faculty Development (SPGF) was their imaginative and effective answer.

In 2010 senior parents presented their idea for the SPGF to the Falmouth Academy Board of Trustees. The Board was unanimous in its praise and acceptance of a fund that supports the school’s most important resource by augmenting opportunities for faculty development and increasing the school’s endowment.

Through this fund, FA faculty members are able to develop deeper expertise in their fields and pursue creative programs that bring new skills into the classroom for the benefit of every student. Through the SPGF, 80% of senior parent Annual Fund gifts support current teachers who apply for funding of new opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills. The other 20% adds to the SPGF endowment. At that time all senior parents were invited to serve on the selection panel where members read the faculty applications and decide, as a group, how to allocate the available funds.

In 2017, the SPGF was renamed the Senior Parent Gift for Professional Development (SPG) and was integrated to the of the school’s professional development process, insuring that the faculty always have a special source of funds for advancement opportunities in the $300-$2,000 range.  As in the past, 80% of the funds raised will be awarded to faculty for professional development opportunities and 20% will be applied to the permanently restricted Senior Parent Gift Endowment. The selection process is now managed by the Head of School and his designees.