School Mission and Guiding Values

You learn more here than what is in textbooks–things like humanity, benevolence, honesty, good humor–things that make you an effective and productive social being."

-Jay Allison P'15

Falmouth Academy is small by design. Our size fosters a strong sense of community. Students are known well by their teachers, and each student has a faculty advisor who has the "big picture" of the student's academic and extracurricular life.

We're a school where it's cool to get excited about learning, where motivated peers collaborate to help each other succeed, where our varsity athletes also sing in the choir or play musical instruments, where students and teachers take environmental stewardship seriously. 

We like to say we have one rule: Know where you are. We understand that our actions are a reflection on our character. 


Mission Statement

Harnessing the power of inspired learning in a world-renowned scientific and vibrant artistic community, Falmouth Academy emboldens each student to take creative and intellectual risks to confidently engage the challenges of our times.

Falmouth Academy Guiding Values

We value the beauty of knowledge and the joy of conversation.
We value collaboration and generosity of spirit.
We value the power of a culture of kindness.
We value relationships built on trust, respect, and direct communication.
We value the wonder of imagination.
We value each student’s pursuit of diverse challenges and opportunities.
We value teachers as models of confident, rich adulthood.