Social and Emotional Well-Being

Carol DiFalco

School Counselor
508-457-9696, ext. 230

The counseling office is a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where students can find support with emotional and social challenges. School Counselor Carol DiFalco addresses issues that are beyond the scope of the classroom teacher or advisor. Students are welcome to schedule a time to talk or stop by on a drop-in basis.


The school counseling office provides resources for students and families on emotional and social developmental needs. At the parents' request, the school counseling office can assist with referrals, and as needed, collaboration with mental health providers.


Monthly parent discussion groups are offered by the school counselor, addressing various topics relevant to adolescent social and emotional development. Location and times vary to accommodate parents' schedules. Please refer to the school calendar for upcoming meetings.


Ms. DiFalco also serves as faculty advisor to the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Human Rights Academy Team, and teaches the Wellness for Life classes.

Visit our Well-Being Resources page for timely information on wellness, managing stress, anxiety and depression in teens, the importance of sleep, and links to recommended reading on a variety of topics.

Wellness for Life

In the classroom: through the lense of physical, emotional, and social health, the Wellness for Life curriculum is designed to meet the unique developmental needs of 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students. Through techniques of meditation and mindfulness, we build a foundation of healthy coping skills that are helpful to the student's stress management.