Recognition Day 2018

Recognition Day is a Falmouth Academy tradition whereby students are recognized for outstanding effort and achievement. It is also a time to say a thank you and farewell to faculty who are moving on. This year, we bid goodbye to Director of College Guidance Ruth Slocum who has worked at Falmouth Academy for twenty-five years in the English department and college guidance; to Clyde Tyndale, Technical Director for the Arts; Colin O'Brien, English and Western Civilizations teacher, and soccer and lacrosse coach; and Tessa Steinert-Evoy, History and English teacher and girls basketball coach. Head of School Rob Wells was also honored for his role as interim this year.

The Patrice Buxton Award, established by the faculty in 2005 upon Mrs. Buxton’s retirement honors a love of reading in the middle school and goes to Petra Brienza '23 for earning 1,001 Accelerated Reader points.  

The Middle School Meltzer Award established by Dr. Barry Meltzer and Fay Meltzer, an early trustee of the school, goes to the student who has shown the greatest academic growth. Teachers honor Howard Keeler '22 with this award for his ever-increasing engagement and sense of purpose.

The Middle School Olson Award established by Trustee Emeritus Charles Olson and Brenda Olson recognizes students who pursue love of learning for its own sake. This year it is given to Kailei Hoehlein '22 (left) for her willingness to embrace new ideas and her generosity in sharing her discoveries with others and Logan Moniz '22 who is ever-fascinated by the fundamentals of every problem.

The Homer P. Clark Award established by Helen MacGregor, an early trustee of the school honors a Middle School student who best reflects the ideals of Falmouth Academy. Tibby Heard '22 leads by example, whether in the classroom, on the playing fields, or offering support to classmates.

Honor Society Awards go to returning students who help and support to the community. This year, there are three recipients: Walker Heard '19 for being the first to offer help for myriad activities in school and out and for his commitment to provide tech support for school and community events; Maddy Francis '19 for her outward enthusiasm and leadership and her work behind the scenes to invite conversation and encourage service; and Becky Butler '19 for her service work at school for the wider community specifcally for helping organize the Famouth Academy/Mullen Hall recess partnership and collecting books for at-risk families with newborns.

The Willard C. and Leona H. Weaner Award, a scholarship established by a trustee Emeritus, acknowledges a returning student who makes an outstanding contribution to the atmosphere of Falmouth Academy. Thomas Earley '19 (right) makes every room, field, and group a little brighter.  He is admired by students and teachers alike and works to make the community better every day through his efforts and unfailing good humor.

The Upper School Meltzer Award this year recognizes a student who has shown the greatest academic growth. Teachers praise C.J. O'Brien '18 for his motivation and work ethic. He is a warm, friendly, and kind young man who approaches his work with an openness and engagement and that shows he is constantly mulling the connections and big questions of his work and his world.

The Founding Faculty Award, for the senior who has shown the greatest academic and social growth during his or her years at Falmouth Academy, goes to Sarah Lott '18 (left). Sarah has the ability to offer perceptive gems that succinctly capture the essence of an issue. She brings this clarity and focus to the classroom, the playing field, leadership in the Gay-Straight Alliance, and in practice as a black belt in Taekwondo. 

The Lewis Award established in honor of Rachael Lewis ’89 recognizes a senior who has shown continuous effort, growth, and leadership and who has contributed to and benefitted from Falmouth Academy. Becca Cox '18 possesses a crackling intellect, a deep interest in science and research, a love of art, and a commitment to making her community better. She is senior class
president, a leader of the school’s GSA, and a model citizen of Falmouth Academy and the world at large.

The Bruce E. Buxton Award was established by the faculty in 2005 to honor imagination in an upper school student. Martha Clark '18 always suprises, and what she can create and write and do, astounds. She is a true polymath motivated by the joy of learning and the beauty of expressing.

The Worthington Campbell Award for Ethical Leadership was established in 2004 in honor of Falmouth Academy’s first Headmaster to recognize a student who exerts moral leadership through kindness to others and through quiet but strong adherence to humane and charitable values in his or her daily acts. Helena Connell '18 is undaunted by a challenge and works tirelessly and cheerfully to succeed in the aid of others. She serves at her church, works as tutor in the local school, and is a Peer Ambassador at Falmouth Academy.

The Upper School Olson Award this year goes to a student who pursues learning for its own sake. Allison Eldredge '18 sets high standards for herself for reasons that push far beyond grades into the beauty of language, ideas, and connections. She is motivated out of her own deep curiosity and
inventive creativity as captured in her photography and ceramics.

The Olivann Hobbie Renaissance Award established in 1990 by the faculty recognizes the student who demonstrates enthusiasm and diverse excellence in academics, art, and athletics. Joshua Watson '18  has been described as the heart and soul of his class–the warm center that others gravitate towards. His desire to share his talents with others extends from the classroom, to the theater, to the concert hall, where he plays over a dozen instruments.

The Thomas Kimball Clark Award honors a student in the Upper School who best reflects the ideals of Falmouth Academy. Positive energy radiates from Isabelle Stewart '18  (photo on home page) as she knits groups of people together and inspires them through her example. Her joie de vivre sets the tone for the whole school, and everyone benefits from the warmth of her presence.

Jane Earley '18 (right) has earned the honor of  valedictorian for her exceptional high school academic career. Additionally, she was chosen for the Mariner award for athletic achievement and sportsmandship along with James Kiric Hallahan '18.  

Jane is the quintessential scholar-athlete. She brings remarkable grit, determination, and deep love of learning to every endeavor. She sets high standards for herself and meets them, whether in the classroom or on the lacrosse field as one of only 10 girls nationwide to pass the 400-goal mark in lacrosse.

Departmental Awards

Middle School
Studio Arts: Sadie Leveque '23

Photography: Distinction, Sophia Kokoszka '23; Dedication, Bryn Feeney '23
Instrumental: Distinction, Matteo Darack '23Dedication, Abby Neubert '22
Distinction and Dedication, Ursula Junker '23
Distinction, Emmett Favreau '22Dedication, Grace Ward '23
Distinction, Edie Leaver '22Dediction, Sam Thasher'22
Foreign Language: German
Distinction, Ben Giumetti '23Dedication, Ethan Pratt '22
History: Distincton, Mia Galvam '22; Dedication, Abigail Lott '22
Mathematics: Distinction, Kyra Ramsey '22; Dedication, Piper Augat '22
Science: Nancy Twichell Distincton: Spencer Goldsmith '22; Dedication, Sarah Thieler '22
Physical Education: Madeleine Balser '22 and Cody Feldott '22

Upper School
Margaret Ellsworth Distinction in Arts, Heather Wang '19
Ceramics: Sarah Kerr '19
Instrumental: Distinction, James Goldbach '23; Dedication, Aidan Ledwell '19
Drama: Distincton, Isabel Heard '20
Chous: Dedication, David Thieler '19
Woodworking: Distinction, Ellamae Cazeault '21
English: Distinction, Leah Littlefield'19; Dedication, Bella Ferreira '19
Foreign Language: French Distinction, Emma Keeler '19, Dedication, Maria Kelly '19; German Outstanding Beginner: Cather Zhang '20; Dedication, Lenie Draper '19
History: Pasley Mackenzie Ancient History: Noah Glasgow '21 and Alice Tan '21
Distinction, Gedeon Pil '19; Dedication, Brooke Feldott '19
Mathematics: Distinction, Devin Waite '19; Dedication, Helena Weare '19
Science: Distinction, Anna Metri '19; Dedication, Grace Russell '19