Music in the Mountains

FA Cool Nights Jazz went north once again to New Hampshire to participate in "Music in the Mountains" from June 24-29 chaperoned by George and Suzan Scharr, and Paul and Cynthia Weller. 
Trip highlights included a nature walk through Crawford Notch, exploring the town of Littletown, NH, performing at Indian Head Resort and aboard the MS Mount WashingtonListen to a two-song selection by the FA Cool Nights Jazz from the MS Mount Washington via this link.
Pictured left to right, top row: Logan Moniz '22Ethan Pratt '22James Goldbach '21Samuel Perry '19Noah Glasgow '21Silas Clark '21Aidan Ledwell '19Nick Kania '18; bottom row: Lucca MacDonald '21Nell Bowen '19Josh Watson '18Gabe Nadelstein '18Camden Emery '19Quinn Capraro '19, and Tyler Harmon '22.