Making Smoothies

As part of a nutrition lesson in 8th grade Wellness for Life class, students gathered in small groups in Morse kitchen to make smoothies and learn about micronutrients, vitamins, and nutrition. Ms. DiFalco explained that the colors of various foods indicate their antioxidant and nutrient composition. She encouraged students to eat from a “rainbow” of foods for overall physical and mental health and emphasized the mind/body connection.

Each class was provided with an assortment of fruits and vegetables, both fresh and frozen, along with orange juice, almond milk, and yogurt. The students were challenged to employ their culinary creativity to create nutrient-dense and delicious smoothies. Below are a few of their favorite recipes.


Silas Van Horn & Mateo Vasquez                         Jonah Mesple
Banana                                                                     Banana
Fresh mango                                                            Frozen Mango
Frozen strawberries                                                 Frozen Peaches
Almond Milk                                                             Orange Juice
Yogurt                                                                      Fresh Pineapple
Kale                                                                          A Pinch of Kale