Library and Research

The Bruce and Patrice Buxton Library provides a student-centered, nurturing and welcoming learning environment where students can successfully and confidently conduct research for school assignments, explore their personal interests, and study with other students and faculty.

Our diverse resources include a physical collection of more than 10,000 books, DVDs, and periodicals that are tailored to meet curriculum needs. The collection extends beyond the physical library space, providing students with mobile access to 28 online databases containing thousands of peer-reviewed journals, reference books, statistics, videos, images and more, and to thousands of eBooks from our own collection and in partnership with the Commonwealth eBook program.

In addition, students can utilize LibGuides, a content management system used by many colleges and universities, which synthesize our library resources with those found on the Internet to assist students in easily finding reliable information.

Ultimately the library helps our students develop a 21st century media literacy and research skills that prepares them for college level research and to navigate the information highway successfully. 


Library Hours:

  • Monday - Friday, 7:45-4:30
  • Closed during All-School Meeting


  • Britta Santamauro

    (2017) Director of Library and Media Services
    B.A., Universitat Potsdam, Germany
    1st State Exam, Universitat Potsdam, Germany
    2nd State Exam, Berlin, Germany
    M.L.I.S., Southern Connecticut University
  • Helen Reuter

    (2013) Learning Resource Teacher
    B.A., Carleton University
    M.S., University of Massachusetts
    M.Ed., Lesley University