German V

The goal of this course is to further improve students’ language fluency and literacy. Students learn to express themselves at a high level of proficiency, both in speaking and writing, by reading and discussing unabridged literary works in German.

Much like English literature courses at Falmouth Academy, the emphasis of this course is on reading with understanding and insight and exploring the many intertwining themes and ideas in class discussions. The choice of material is tailored to the students’ interests. Language learning games and various projects support the students in their efforts. Students also have the use of a Learning Management System.

Students polish their skills as speakers of German by making presentations in class, at all-school-meeting, or as ambassadors of FA when they take part in the biennial exchange trip to our partner school in Heidelberg, Germany. 

Students in this course have the option to participate in the Level 4 National German Exam for High School Students, and are well prepared to take the College Board's "German Language and Culture" Advanced Placement exam in May.