French V

Students who have completed French IV are encouraged to continue polishing their skills toward true fluency by continuing their language and culture study as seniors. French V students continue to explore the francophone world through literature, film, and online sources. These advanced students are encouraged to participate in establishing the exact program according to their particular interests.

In addition, in any given year the class studies texts in preparation for attending performances of French works available in the area. Recent examples include a performance in English in Boston of Beckett's En Attendant Godot; a performance in French at Wheaton College of the Belgian poet-song-writer's retrospective, Jacques Brel ou le Rêve Impossible. In a typical year, French V students read several classics of French literature: Voltaire's Candide, Camus' L'Etranger; a play, and selected poetry and short stories. They also read the Guinéen autobiographical novel, L'Enfant Noir, followed by the sequel film depicting changes in West Africa 50 years later. French Internet sources are included for research, interviews with authors, music, holiday related material, and current events. Students in French V are eligible to participate in Falmouth Academy's biennial exchange with our sister school in Nice, France. They are well prepared to take the Advanced Placement French Language and Culture exam at the end of the year.