Falmouth Academy Art Showcase

Results are in from the good-natured competition for "best in show" and "best in category" from last weekend’s Spring Art Showcase. Congratulations to all the student artists and musicians who participated. The walls, the floor, tables, and screens were resplendent with art of all kinds; paintings, drawings, silkscreens, animations, sculptures, handwork, photographs, and woodwork.

The concert that followed was full to standing-room only. Thank you to the art department faculty for inspiring these creative and diligent artists, musicians, and performers. 

The winners are:

Best in Show for Upper School
Maisie Saganic ’21
(pictured upper right)

Best in Show for Middle School
Ursula Junker ’23
(pictured lower right)

Ceramics (wheel and hand-built), Helena Weare ’19

Ceramics (wheel and hand-built), Annabel Eddy ’23

Photography (digital and darkroom), Heather Wang ’19

Photography (digital and darkroom), Ava Strand ’24

Painting (acrylic and watercolor), Autumn Mesple ’22

Painting (acrylic), Ursula Junker ’23

Printmaking (screenprint or reductive block print), Silas Clark ’21 and Hannah Stillman ’19

Drawing (pencil, pastel, ink, marker, collage, and charcoal) Alice Tan ’21

Drawing (pencil, marker, ink, and charcoal) Sadie Leveque ’23

Animation, Devin Hill ’20

Woodworking, Gray Augat ’20 and Tasha Sudofsky ’22