Studio Arts Faculty Show

Susan Moffat, Lucy Nelson, and Marite Burns will exhibit some of their latest work in the Simon Center for Arts from April 10 through May 17. Each teacher received a grant from the Senior Parent Gift fFnd to pursue continuing educational opportunities.

Susan Moffat, FA's photography teacher, traveled to Iceland for eight days last August to work on a photography project entitled, Fairies and Trolls. The goal of her trip was to spend time searching for legendary fairies and trolls for which Iceland is well-known. Ms. Moffat traveled from Reykjavik to Akureyri where she hiked the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, explored the countryside, and tried her best to communicate with the locals before heading south along the western coast back to Reykjavik. "Being both a teacher and a photographer, it's a challenge to have the opportunity to focus on my own work," said Ms. Moffatt. "I'm happy to pay it forward with my students."

Lucy Nelson, who teaches painting, drawing, and Arts-Across-the Curriculum classes stayed closer to home and attended a five-day silk-screening workshop with Vicky Tomayko at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill.  In this workshop, Mrs. Nelson learned how to make multi-colored screen-prints using Mylar stencils, how to do a photo transfer, and how to work directly on a screen with drawing fluid. She said, "With this funding, I have gained the knowledge and skill set to design a portrait project with my Advanced Painting students utilizing multi-color stencils. In addition, I implemented a new Arts-Across-the-Curriculum project with the 11th grade history students creating political posters."
Marite Burns, FA ceramics teacher, also ventured to Truro this fall to attend two ceramics workshops. Brian Taylor, manager of the Truro Center for the Arts, taught participants how to make oyster dishes with the promise of an oyster-opening lesson and tasting session which, unfortunately, fell through. However, Ms. Burns learned how to make the new dish design and made molds to share with her students. 
In a workshop led by Judith Motzkin, a potter from Cambridge, MA, Ms. Burns learned how to make large covered bread bowls. The bowls were formed from 7 lbs. of clay and the tops were 3 lbs., "which were challenging to move about the wheel," recalled Ms. Burns. At the end of class, participants baked bread together in an outdoor oven.