Class of 2014

Marite Burns: Pottery Classes with professional Cape Cod potter Dennis Howard and purchasing a raku kiln for Falmouth Academy
Ms. Burns was awarded a grant of $1,525 to take raku, and raku & sagar classes with Cape Cod master potter Dennis Howard in Sagamore. She also purchased a small, portable raku kiln for Falmouth Academy. The new raku kiln allows Ms. Burns to share her new knowledge with her students.

Monica Hough and Helen Reuter: Participation in a graduate course: "Writing Across Curricula"
Mrs. Hough and Ms. Reuter were awarded a grant of $2,360 to enroll in a one-week graduate course at the Landmark School. The course included a survey of current literature on writing instruction, as well as in-depth instruction in the design of writing lessons, methods to diagnose and assess student writing to address specific needs, and ways in which to integrate study skills and other forms of writing into lessons. Taking the course together offered Monica and Helen a chance to collaborate and bring back ideas to strengthen the writing program across the Middle School curriculum.

Josh Leveque: Beekeeping at Falmouth Academy 
Mr. Leveque was awarded a grant of $2,200 to establish and maintain four beehives at Falmouth Academy. Mr. Leveque established the hives on the grounds at Falmouth Academy, each with a distinct population of honeybees to observe the interbreeding of those groups. Falmouth Academy is an ideal environment for the project. The school’s land care philosophy eschews pesticide use, and we couple that with an academic community that is thoughtful, curious and engaged. Beekeeping offers a dynamic opportunity for interested students, faculty and staff to explore the fascinating lives of bees, as well as a variety of subjects, including husbandry, genetics and current events, all through the lens of beekeeping.

Stephanie Mastroianni: Participating in the New England Educational Institute Seminar for Mental Health Professionals in Santa Fe, NM
Mrs. Mastroianni was awarded a grant of $1,600 to attend 15 hours of different symposia that offer mental health professionals an update in recent advances in several areas of mental health, all of which can be applied to work with adolescents. Attending the symposium enhanced Mrs. Matroianni’s knowledge with the latest best practices in the mental health field to enhance her work with students and families in her role as Falmouth Academy’s School Counselor.

Henry Stevens: Integration of Technology into Math Classes through the use of Geometer's Sketchpad 
Mr. Stevens was awarded a grant of $1,540 to purchase Geometer’s Sketchpad and spend 50 hours this summer mastering the software and integrating it into his geometry curriculum. (Henry teaches Falmouth Academy 9th and 10th grade geometry classes). The grant provided for the licensing fee for twenty computers in our computer lab and the purchase of the Exploring Geometry module for Henry. Geometry computer programs allow the students to leave the classroom and put the information they are learning to use. With Sketchpad they do exercises that enable them to visualize and prove the theorems and concepts that they learn in class.