Class of 2013

Katherine Curtis: Developing Experimental Education Curriculum on Cape Cod Geology and Ecology (summer 2013 to fall 2013)
Ms. Curtis was awarded a grant of $2,150 to further develop the FA curriculum about Cape Cod geology and ecology, and to advance the opportunities available for student research. Ms. Curtis will spend time the next few months conducting outreach and establishing partnerships with local organizations so as to expand her students’ research opportunities and the curriculum.  She will also learn about and explore local sites to take her students for geological and ecological research.

Dr. Petra Ehrenbrink: Continuing her Online Study at the Goethe Institute
Dr. Ehrenbrink was awarded a grant of $1,287 to undertake online study through the Goethe Institute in Munich, Germany, of modern teaching concepts focusing on the use of technology in the German as a Foreign Language classrooms. This builds on the work she began through an SPGF grant in 2010.  Dr. Ehrenbrink will take three program units offered by the Goethe Institute, which cover topics such as blogs, Web quests, how to design internet programming in relation to exchange programs, podcasts, video casts and an introduction in new forms of digital presentations, including using cloud-based programs.

Lucy Nelson: Independent painting project inspired by Italian Renaissance Portraits
Mrs. Nelson was awarded a grant of $617 to purchase all the necessary supplies (paint, panels, brushes & gesso) to undertake an independent painting project during the summer of 2013. Mrs. Nelson work is inspired by Italian portraits, specifically those related to marriage, created during the 15th century by Renaissance artists such as Piero della Francesca, Antonio and Piero del Pollaiuolo, Fra Filippo Lippi, and Botticelli. Mrs. Nelson will be painting a series of portraits in oil paint on panel.

Liza Schalch: Oxford University teacher seminar in England
Ms. Schalch was awarded a grant of $3,915 to attend a seven-day Oxford Teacher Seminar this summer. In addition to immersing herself in the settings of the literature she teaches, the seminar will specifically inform and revive her pedagogical approach to teaching Shakespeare. The seminar featured a “Shakespeare in History” program, which involved extended academic lectures and discussions which closely examined Shakespeare’s life and his plays. They also explored how his plays have been revised and re-written over the centuries and how teachers can illuminate Shakespeare’s complicated plays through performance in the classroom. 

Doug Jones: Chaperone to Greece
Mr. Jones was awarded a partial grant of $2,000 to help cover travel expenses to chaperone a trip to mainland Greece and the island of Alonissoss in June 2013 with fourteen FA sophomores, juniors and seniors. Mr. Jones considers these trips to be invaluable to his teaching of both Latin and Geometry, because of the connections he can make between the classical world and these subjects. In addition, he enjoys introducing the wonders of the classical world to his students.

Stephanie Mastroianni: Co-Chaperone to Belize
Mrs. Mastrioanni was awarded a partial grant of $1,500 to co-chaperone a school trip to Belize during March 2014 vacation. The trip is part of the FA teacher-run elective “Exploration Belize” taught by Mrs. Susan Moffat. Ms. Mastrioanni has taught an extensive Maya curriculum, and she will act as a guest speaker in the elective and will provide significant insight and background about the Mayan culture and its roots in Belize.

Don Swanbeck: Independent study of Western Art and Artifacts in France
Mr. Swanbeck was awarded a partial grant of $1,255 to conduct independent study on Western art and artifacts while in Versailles, France for four weeks in July 2013. Mr. Swanbeck travelled to Paris to view sites such as the Louvre (a treasure trove of western artifacts) and cathedrals such as St. Denis. Additionally, he also visited other northern French landmarks from Roman, Carolingian and medieval Christian cultures.

Julia Taylor: Attended a Global Connections seminar in Bogata, Columbia
Ms. Taylor was awarded a partial grant of $1,000 to attend a Global Connections Seminar in Bogota, Colombia. Global Connections brings together school leaders to learn from each other, to explore international schools and build connections to promote a more global perspective at their home schools.

John Yankee: Attended the Chorus in America Annual Conference
Mr. Yankee was awarded a partial grant of $1,000 to attend the Chorus of America Annual Conference in Seattle. At the conference Mr. Yankee had access to individuals, resources, and materials that address and support the wide range of ensembles he directs and teaches.