Class of 2012

Elisabeth Munro Ledwell: Workshop for Teachers on Broadway
Mrs. Ledwell received a grant of $1,781 to attend the Broadway Teachers Workshop in New York City. For three days Mrs. Ledwell attended a total of eight master classes, seminars and interactive clinics, all of which are done in conjunction with Broadway actors, directors, designers, composers, writers, and crew members. She also attended four Broadway shows.  Mrs. Ledwell brought back new techniques, up-to-date information, and a raft of creative ideas to her students as they tackle improvisational games, complicated scenes, monologues, and plays.

Jill Reves: Energy Seminar at the Smithsonian Institution
Ms. Reves received a grant of $2,585 to attend a one-week summer workshop for teachers, run by the National Science Resources Center at the Smithsonian Institution, on Energy: Past, Present and Future. The course built upon an initial introduction to pre-industrial energy resources provides a unique combination of physical science concepts and content presented in a historical and social context. Course sessions used inquiry-based pedagogical approaches as vehicles for teacher instruction that can translate into exciting classroom experiences for students. The course utilized the scientific and educational resources of the Smithsonian Institution, and other museums, to provide teachers with a unique week-long learning experience.

Olivann Hobbie
Mrs. Hobbie received a grant of $174 to use toward hiring a tutor to help develop her technology skills for more effective use in the classroom, including demonstrating research techniques for her students.

Ed Lott
Mr. Lott was awarded a $500 grant to help fund the classes he is taking at Lesley University toward his Master’s degree in Technology in Education. He took the following courses over the summer of 2012: Classroom Assessment with Technology, Fundamentals of Computer Structure, and Technology: Impact on Society and the Schools.

Ben Parsons
Mr. Parsons was awarded a $500 grant to help fund the classes he is taking toward his Ph.D. in Education at UMass Dartmouth in their Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program. In the summer of 2012 Mr. Parsons took two classes: Law and Education and Human Resources and Change Management in Education.