Class of 2011

Dr. Alison Ament: Updating Biotechnology & Neuroscience Curricula
Dr. Ament was awarded a grant of $3,030 to complete 56 hours of self-directed study, following a series of lectures on DVD entitled “The Neuroscience of Everyday Life” and a virtual lab program entitled “DNA and Biotechnology.” This project ties directly into two units of the FA Biology course curriculum.

Dr. Deborah Bradley: American Association of Teachers of French Annual Conference
Dr. Bradley was awarded a grant of $1,000 to attend this four-day conference in Montreal which offers “an incredibly enriching immersion into multiple aspects of French and Francophile cultures.” The conference had a special focus on Quebecois literature, history, culture and film, and tied into FA’s French IV course which introduces students to our Francophone neighbors of the north.

Marite Burns: Cermics Workshop at Rebekah Potteries in Latvia
Ms. Burns was awarded a grant of $2,100 for a week-long ceramics workshop covering throwing, hand-building and decoration.  The course also covered historical and traditional terra cotta techniques. Ms. Burns brought back valuable knowledge to share with her ceramics students at FA.

Peter Conzett: Backyard Astronomy
Mr. Conzett was awarded a grant of $4,500 to purchase a telescope and photographic equipment for the school, plus an Astronomer’s Guide to enable him to undertake self-directed study into astronomy. The year-long project had a number of goals including observing and photographing 100 celestial objects and photographing the transit of Venus in June of 2011.

Susan Moffat: Chaperone to Cuba
Ms. Moffat was awarded a grant of $3,000 to contribute toward the travel expenses of a faculty member who will co-chaperone the trip to Cuba. Susan taught a new elective “Cuba: A Rich Culture” during the 2011-2012 school year. The class studied the history and culture of Cuba in preparation for a school trip there over March vacation 2012.

Don Swanbeck: Teaching History with Technology Workshop
Mr. Swanbeck was awarded a grant of $920 to enable him to attend a three-day workshop at Harvard University during the summer of 2011. The workshop explored web-based resources, desktop software and other emerging technologies that can enrich the history curriculum and engage students in new ways. The course expanded Mr. Swanbeck’s knowledge of these areas and served as research for the development of future courses at FA.

Julie Swanbeck: Teaching History with Technology & Primary Sources Workshop; and an Exploration of Google Sketch Up
Mrs. Swanbeck was awarded a grant of $3,745 to attend a workshop at Harvard University during the summer of 2011. The workshop explored technological advances and how to use them to enrich history teaching. Julie also completed a fourth day in the conference that specifically addresses the use of multimedia primary sources in historical research. In addition, using free online video tutorials, Mrs. Swanbeck undertook 40 hours of self-guided investigation of Google Sketch Up. This is a tool that Mrs. Swanbeck asked her Geometry students to use.