Class of 2010

Victoria Centurino: History of Science Course at Harvard University
Mrs. Centurino was awarded a grant of $3,000 to enroll in a summer course at Harvard University. The course, “Windows into Early Science: Islamic and European Lands,” allowed Mrs. Centurino to study the birth of modern mathematics during the Islamic Middle ages, physical science and medicine. This course allowed Mrs. Centurino to bring a broader and deeper context to exercises in her calculus and Advanced Study Skills classes.

Petra Ehrenbrink: Enrolled in an Online Study Program through the Ludwig Maximilian Universitat in Munich

Dr. Ehrenbrink was awarded $1,700 to enroll in an online study program on the teaching of German as a foreign language offered by the Ludwig Maximilian Universität in Munich. The seminar introduces the latest scientific theories regarding language learning and combines them with new knowledge from psycholinguistics, sociology and other subjects. This online study program continued through the summer of 2013 when Dr. Ehrenbrink received a certificate.

Susan Moffat: PhotoShop CS5 Training
Ms. Moffat was awarded a $1,900 grant to travel to Chicago for an intensive workshop on Adobe PhotoShop CS5. Mrs. Moffat’s photography students will begin using this professional level imaging software in September of 2010.

Richard Sperduto: Attendance at the First Annual Green Schools Conference
Mr. Sperduto was awarded a grant of $1,000 to attend and present at the first annual Green Schools Conference in Minneapolis. Mr. Sperduto shared the good work that he has done at FA to develop green technology and facilities. Mr. Sperduto also found this was a great opportunity to strengthen a green culture in schools and promote environmental literacy and sustainable school communities.