Back to School Night

From late August through mid-September, most households with school-aged children are turned on their heads as families say goodbye to the unstructured days of summer and adjust to early mornings, after-school lessons, and weekend sport schedules. It is around this time that most schools invite parents to a Back to School Night to acclimate them to the rhythm of the school day, familiarize them with their student's schedule, and meet teachers and administrators.


Falmouth Academy hosts its Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. and invites all parents to attend. It is a time to hear about curricular goals for the year, possibly engage in an lesson-based activity, and make brief face-to-face connections with teachers. The post-work evening event is intentionally scheduled to optimize time so that parents have a few minutes with all their child's subject and elective teachers and still make it home at a reasonable time.


Ken Robinson and Ted Dintersmith, educational experts and authors, co-wrote a parenting blog in the Washington Post on August 29, "7 Questions You Need To Ask On Back-To-School Night." The questions posed are thoughtful and provide food-for-thought in evaluating a student's school experience. It would be a worthwhile read for parents and teachers alike. While Back to School Night may not be the best time to raise these questions, Falmouth Academy encourages parent involvement, close teacher-student relationships, and open lines of communications. If questions arise after Back to School night, please pick up the phone and call (or email) a teacher or administrator, attend a Head's Coffee, or schedule a meeting. Faculty contact information may be found in the directory or emails can be accessed via the website.