Apply for Financial Aid

Falmouth Academy uses School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS, which assists independent schools in determining a family’s financial need.  To begin your financial aid application, you will complete SSS’s Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).  The PFS is reviewed by our Financial Aid Committee and provides a guideline in making financial aid decisions.  To make our decision, we use the information from the PFS as a starting point but also consider our school policy, practices, and available budget.  All families applying for financial aid must submit a financial aid application to SSS every year.  For prospective families applying for admission and financial aid, your admission application must be completed before your financial aid application will be reviewed.  Our initial deadline for financial aid applications is February 1.  Applications received after the deadline are reviewed if funds are available.  Please be sure to review Falmouth Academy's financial aid policies.

If you have any questions about the school’s financial aid program, please call Director of Admission Julie Bradley at 508-457-9696, x236 or email at

  1. Prepare to Apply: Gather any materials you will need to reference as you answer the questions in the PFS.  Review the SSS Parents' Financial Statement Workbook and Instruction Booklet.  For parents who are separated or divorced, Falmouth Academy requires each parent/family to submit a Parent Financial Statement through SSS (including IRS Form 1040, W-2’s).

    PFS Workbook and Instruction Booklet

  2. Complete Your PFS Online: Go to to enter the PFS Online.  Create your PFS Online account with your email address and a password and begin a PFS for Academic Year 2018-19. You can log out of the PFS Online at any time, then return later to complete it.  Falmouth Academy's SSS code is 4112.

    Complete your PFS Online

  3. Pay for and Submit your PFS: Once you have completed all the fields of the PFS, on the Pay and Submit screen you will choose your method of secure payment. The fee of $49 is nonrefundable.  Once you submit your PFS, your information is sent immediately to schools and cannot be withdrawn from the SSS system.
  4. Submit Your Supporting Documents: Once you have completed paying for your PFS, the system will activate a “My Documents” tab where you can see the documents your schools are requiring. You’ll then need to upload them before the requested deadline date. On the “My Documents” page, you will see an upload button or a hyperlink next to a specific document name in the "Required Documents" section of the PFS. Clicking either the upload button or a hyperlink will lead you through a series of steps allowing you to name, locate and save the file. Once you have uploaded a document, the date will appear in the “Date Uploaded” column within minutes of the upload. Some tax documents go through a verification process. It can take up to 48 hours for the verification process to complete. 

    If you wish to submit required documents by mail, send to:
    School and Student Services
    PO Box 449
    Randolph, MA 02368-0449

    For overnight service, use:
    School and Student Services
    Application Processing Center
    15 Dan Road, Suite 102
    Canton, MA 02021
  5. Questions? All questions and communication regarding completing the PFS or the submission of financial aid documents should be directed to SSS.  Please contact SSS customer service at (800) 344-8328.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial aid review begins February 1st for completed applications of returning students and students applying for admission. Review continues thereafter if financial aid funds are still available. Missing the February 1st financial aid application deadline significantly reduces the likelihood of receiving financial aid. Families are notified of a financial aid decision with their enrollment contract. 

Falmouth Academy adheres to the NAIS Principles of Good Practice with regards to its financial aid process.