Additional Electives

Advanced Topics in Chemistry (Ledoux) (grades 11-12)
Chemistry is a vast topic only glanced during your eleventh-grade experience.  This course aims to delve into topics such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear chemistry, electrochemistry, reduction-oxidation reactions, and many more.  In addition, we prepare for the Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry exam in May.  Only the most capable chemistry students (11th and 12th graders) are encouraged to take this course.  During a typical three-week cycle, you will learn about a given chemistry topic, conduct an experiment related to the topic, and prepare for the AP exam.  The third trimester is student-driven and enables you to direct the class toward a variety of more complex topics such as chemical use in history and current events.

Animate! Stop-Motion Claymation and Video Exploration (Moffat) (grades 9-12)
Create creatures in clay and bring them to life! Develop a concept, create a storyboard, and animate using stop-motion techniques to create multi-media presentations. Further projects using video cameras and iPhones will be explored. Students work in teams and individually.    

Beekeeping (Leveque)
Students will assist in the management of the school’s honeybee hives. The course provides students with a closer look at the life cycle of the honeybee and the challenges that they face, through a series of experiments, and hands on projects in the bee yard, kitchen, and woodshop.

Chess/Strategic Games (Wells)
The goal here is exposure to well-known life-long games.  In addition to Chess, students will learn Backgammon, Cribbage, and trick-based card games.  

Curling (Jones) (grades 9-12)
Sweep! Hard! Hard! If you were wondering what these terms mean and how they effect a stone on ice, or if you were curious why the sport is called curling, or if you are interested in learning how to play a truly life-long sport, sign up for curling.  In this elective, students will be able to walk to the Cape Cod Curling Club during fourth period in order to learn the rules, techniques, and strategies of curling.

DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program (Lott) (grades 9-12)
The challenges by the Distributive Educational Club of America (DECA) provide DECA members opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom through innovative challenges in partnership with several corporate partners. Each challenge has a unique focus and specific set of required tasks.

Engage: Local and Global Service (DiFalco/Swanbeck)
To emphasize with others and make a difference in their lives, students in this elective will connect with Falmouth residents in community service; plan and lead Falmouth Academy students in service projects; participate in the Cape Cod Human Rights Academy, creating a project that will enhance student understanding and invite action.

Farm and Garden Arts (Sperduto)
Farm and Garden Arts is a hands-on elective where students learn about proper practices and techniques involved with planning, planting, pruning, and culture of the ornamental landscape, fruit, and vegetable gardening. They learn how to identify native and invasive species and how to help to minimize the spread of the latter.  The school has a small vegetable garden and a 14 x 24 ft. greenhouse that is used to start seedlings and grow a variety of vegetables throughout the year. The elective also helps to maintain a small fruit orchard with a dozen pear trees and half a dozen grape vines. Hardscape construction with stone, brick, or timber is also introduced when repairs or installations are necessary.
Falmouth Academy also has a small flock of layer hens that offers an introduction to chicken management. Visits to Peterson Farm, Spohr Gardens and other local gardens to volunteer and learn about different animals and garden styles are regular annual field trips.

Fitness for Life (Andrade)
Fitness for Life is an elective for the student who is interested in a weekly workout at the Falmouth Sports Center. Students will have an opportunity to work out with supervision for 60 minutes and have use of the complete Health Center. Participants must adhere to the Health Club rules, be respectful of the club environment, and work out safely when using equipment.

Forensic Science (Ledoux) (grades 10-12)
Forensic Science is a dynamic and interactive course where you can learn the ins and outs of being a forensic scientist.  In the first trimester, you are put in the role of a criminal investigator collecting evidence and mapping crime scenes.  In the second trimester, you are a lab technician analyzing evidence such as handwriting, fingerprints, and blood spatter.  In the third trimester, you are an expert witness testifying in the courtroom.

Graphic Design, Intro to (Borden/Leveque)
This elective will introduce you to Adobe InDesign 2017, a graphic design and page layout software application. InDesign’s flexible layout and integrated design tools provide a platform to combine your writing skills with your artistic side. The course will be completely hands-on. A few of the design challenges will include brochures, posters, business cards, postcards, and magazine layouts in both print and digital format.

Interconnected Biology (Lafaver McCarron)
The purpose of this elective is to explore how human and animal biology mirror other aspects for the natural world. Exploring how repeating patterns and structure allow for a variety of functional outcomes. Example: how pressure and time and heat allow for metamorphic rock to form which has similarities to how bones within the body harden and ultimately heal from injury.

JML Care Center (Earley)
Students in grades 7 through 12 may volunteer to go during one fourth period per week to the nearby JML Care Center.  JML has an adult (senior) day care program, where volunteers may play games or work on craft projects with the men and women there.  In the full-care area of JML, volunteers may help pass out mail, read to residents, help them write letters, or just chat.

Latin, Advanced (Jones)
This higher level Latin course is for students who have previously studied Latin.  The class is tailored to the interests and backgrounds of the students and puts particular emphasis on being able to appreciate Latin literature in the original language.  A great course for the student who wants to understand that “carpe diem” should not be translated as “seize the day,” and that “alumni” can be used with any group that contains at least one man.  Students in Advanced Latin will have the opportunity to participate in the National Latin Exam in March and are also encouraged to join the FA trip to Rome or Greece (held every three or four years).  Open to students in all grades with Beginning Latin as a prerequisite. 

Mullen Hall Volunteers (Leveque) (grades 9-12)
Students in grades 9 through 12 have the opportunity to volunteer at the nearby Mullen Hall School (K-4th grade).  The volunteers, once a week during fourth period, will assist the classroom teacher in several ways, varying from week to week; they may work with a group or with an individual student; they may help students with art or poetry projects, among other possibilities.  Students also have the opportunity to work with first grade classes in the Mullen Hall Learning Garden.

Programming, Intro to (Borden)
Students will learn the language of Python, a general purpose language widely used in scientific computing and data science. Students will work through a series of short activities designed to build confidence and gain an understanding of the syntax of the language, the structure of a working program, and the ability to “debug” their work. The course will also explore physical computing using Hummingbird circuit boards, motors, servos, and a variety of sensors to conceptualize, build, and program models to move and react to inputs.

Recreational Games (Andrade)
Rec Games is a less structured recreational class. In a cooperative atmosphere, students must be prepared to participate in a multitude of activities from invasion games to more traditional activities such as wiffle ball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, capture the flag, flag football and more. Participants are to display positive sportsmanship. Students are required to wear proper non-restrictive attire other than school wear and proper footwear.

Taekwondo (TBD)
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art famous for its dynamic kicks and practicality for self-defense.  This martial art trains people physically and mentally.  Male and female students of all grades meet and interact as they learn the skills and rituals of Taekwondo from their fifth-degree black belt instructor.  The instructor also has the required equipment available for purchase.

Yoga for Teens (Riddiford)
Yoga is very beneficial for both the body and the mind. We'll use simple yoga postures to strengthen, tone, and relax the body, and we'll bring calm to the mind through brief meditation at the end of class. This elective will introduce teens to the benefits of yoga and teach them how to incorporate the lessons into their busy, stressful lives.