2019 Sustainability Summit

The Goethe-Institut Chicago & Germany’s “Wunderbar together” program sponsored Dr. Ehrenbrink and four students to travel to Loyola University’s Lake Shore Campus during Memorial weekend for the Sustainability Summit 2019. Tasha Sudofsky ’22, Ella Heywood ’21, Maisie Saganic ’21, and Isabelle Santamauro ’20 were the first to respond to Dr. Ehrenbrink’s call for interested fellow travelers and so secured a spot.

“How can we move around without CO2? What will it take to power our lives, eat well, and restore the Earth at the same time? What will we need to thrive as we make the shift toward a sustainable future?” These were only some of the questions that awaited the Falmouth Academy delegation at the three-day Sustainability Summit in Chicago where experts shared information about systems, anticipatory and creative thinking, the importance of diversity, multiple perspectives, and links between STEM and German.

The Scholarship for the Sustainability Summit 2019 in Chicago provided tuition, travel expenses, and room and board for all participants.

2019 Sustainability Summit Video
courtesy of Dr. Petra Ehrenbrink